FAQ Sail ‘n Dive

For general information regarding our tours like where to go, what to bring, payment etc. please have a look at the FAQ for Day Sailing.

What paperwork do I have to complete in order to participate?
You will have to fill out a Medical and a Indemnity Agreement with Antigua Scuba School.

Do I have to bring my own gear?
No, all gear for your scuba diving is included in the tour price.

What kind of diving activities do you offer?
Antigua Scuba School is fully PADI certified and we can offer a wide range of courses for beginners as well as advanced divers. Click the link to ASS’s website and have a look for details.

What if my wife/husband/fiancé does not want to dive?
That is the beauty of Sail ‘n Dive. Non-divers have a comfortable 41 foot sailing yacht to relax, sip their drinks, go at least swimming or just relax in the sun or shade while you enjoy the underwater world of Antigua.